Woke As Hell


“Woke as hell.” I could seriously punch something when I hear someone utter that sentence. But why? Because I think it is a dumb thing to say. But why? Because I ASSUME the people who say it have no real idea what it means to wake up and I associate it with disrespect. But why? I know the amount of work that goes into the process and I feel it should be revered with a tremendous amount of respect. It is divine. So, what does something someone else says have to do with me? Nothing. See how much time I just wasted?

I spent all of my life, up until last weekend focused on others much, much more than I focused on myself. Rarely critical of others, highly critical of myself. I had no idea. I have been in a fog floating down a river of lies.

I woke up to a reality that I had been unaware of. That’s the thing. We are unaware that we are unaware. Finally. Finally I saw it. Codependency patterns in my family -the reason I have been insecure, sought validation outside myself, didn’t trust myself and didn’t feel entitled to my own experience. All codependency issues. I say I saw through my download. Download being the information my parents passed down to me and the beliefs I formed in childhood. The truth: I am enough. I can trust myself, I don’t need anyone to validate my experience. I am entitled to my experience.

I believed that I was responsible for fixing other people’s problems. That belief formed when I was 6 and my mom told me the reasons her and my dad were getting a divorce. From that day forward I felt responsible for my mother’s happiness.. and everyone else I loved and would come to love.. but not real love, conditional love. The kind of love that is taken away when you anger the person who seeks to control you. It may not be a conscious need for control but it is still control. It is not okay.

I also believed I always had to have an answer – false

I believed my feelings were not as important as my mother’s -false

I believed it was my job to improve the emotional state of others-false

I believed I needed approval to be validated-false

I believed I was unattractive-false (I’m adorable)

I don’t know the truth. I only know the way I perceive things to be. Gustav Flaubert nailed it. He said: “There is no truth, there is only perception.” I started thinking about some of the other things I believe that limit me. I wrote down everything I could think of.

It is possible to reprogram your brain by challenging your beliefs, specifically the beliefs that limit you. Replace the limiting belief with a new belief. Anything you want. Then you can tap the center of your forehead with your finger and repeat that new belief. Do it often, visualize it, repeat it over and over and over until it has replaced the old model. Don’t give up. Patterning is in the limbic system. This tap is to focus attention to the prefrontal cortex. It is not related to EFT -releasing emotions.

I believed I was cursed, destined to forever be 5 minutes late. Guess what? I was always 5 minutes late. So today, I decided to believe I am always on time. Guess what? I was 3 minutes late. Results are not immediate. Persistence and dedication are key. I am so excited about this. I know it is going to be hard… oh hell! There I go again. What I meant was, this is going to be a challenge but I am capable.

EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique.This is a form of energy healing. Also referred to as tapping. This helps to release trapped emotions. Guys, it is LEGIT

Click here for EFT Article, How to choose effective phrases and trouble shooting guide.

Click to download Tapping Points: efttappingpoints

Via Dr. Pat Carrington

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