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My earliest childhood memory is a “paranormal” experience. Age 4. I can remember so many details about the home I lived in and the people in my life. My Mom and Dad were still married. My dad had this perfect 80’s beard going but still rocked the 70’s hair. My mom was so delicate and tiny. Like a little fairy. Like me. I remember the way all of the furniture was arranged and which door led to which room.

My mother and I were both pretty shocked by the accuracy of those details when I spontaneously recalled the memory at age 14. There were two spirits I saw during that period and I am pretty sure they were within the same 24 hour period. I can’t be certain though. Time isn’t real anyway. Doesn’t matter.

There was a lady in a white dress with long black hair that I saw standing at the foot of my bed when I woke from sleep in the middle of the night, and a shadow figure I spotted hunched over in the living room floor. His shape mimicked that of a famous statue but he was solid black or like a grayish sulfur like color. There was low lighting in the living room. He was much darker than the surroundings. I was wide awake when I saw him.

I have been told that these experiences were not real but a product of my brains wiring. Maybe. Does it matter though? I still saw it. I still see shit that “technically” is not there. When I recalled those events to my mom out of no where that day she said she vividly remembers the morning after I saw the lady in white.. I asked her who the lady was that was standing in my room the night before. She checked all the locks on the windows and doors. I freaked her the f out. She gets uncomfortable and runs from me any time I try to discuss an experience like that. Always has.

I hid from it for a very long time. Like, if I had to get up at night and walk from the back of the house through the living room to the front of the house, I would chant the entire way “please don’t see weird shit. please don’t see weird shit”. I used to speak with a spiritual teacher and he says denying parts of yourself is the definition of self hate. He’s right.

I’m so super aware of energy. I get overwhelmed easily. Really loud music, bright lighting it legit scrambles my operating system. I can’t believe I have spent nearly half my life thinking something was wrong with me. There are other people like me. We’re just wired differently.

I think what it boils down to is this… There are physical and non physical parts to life. Some people are a bit more attuned to the non physical. I often talk about a spirit or a soul but I am describing the emotional energy body or the etheric body, the overlay. People tend to make fun of this kind of thing. They mock it as if it is not real. I have a chart posted below that will show you exactly which area of the body those people can reference to see where that fear of the unknown is stuck. We are electrical operating systems. This life force energy is our power source. The phrase “Pulled the plug” is such an accurate description of death.

Practices of energy healing have been devalued by western society but right now, there is a movement making big waves in the field of psychology. It is called Mindfulness. Mindfulness practices are derived from Buddhism.

The EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) I mentioned here accesses the same energy channels in the body an acupuncturist would but with EFT there are no needles. You just tap a few areas on the face, top of head, collar bone and the side of your hand to clear blockages via kinetic energy transfer.

It’s hard to stick with. Today got super uncomfortable for me. I was fine when I started writing this but was it just about another story? This process can get freaking hard. Physical battle is not bravery. It’s a cowards fight. The battle back to your self takes far more bravery. I have said before that we can die two deaths but one is much easier. The deathless death is where the true battle exist. The ego death.

seems like i was gonna add one more point but i don’t remember it now and my energy suddenly feels so drained so check out this chart:energy_and_emotion

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  1. Once again your writing is of pure nature love the way you think of time. Weather it exist or not idk but it doesn’t define myself except when others say I’m late and my respond is always the same names dates and time so easily slip my mind. I see the soul not the name the only date important to me is now can’t change the past or future so the time is now.


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