So You’re A Doormat. Now What?


Well, I don’t know really… now what? Onward I guess.

Until now my writing has been about how horribly misunderstood I have felt. How I have allowed people to control my emotions.

Leaving Victimville. And umm. So yeah. That’s where I’m at right now.

Love you all… The 3 of you I still speak to regularly. And to new friends: Man I’m excited to know you.



4 thoughts on “So You’re A Doormat. Now What?

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    1. Aww. I appreciate that! I didn’t realize it was not active. I follow everyone who follows me and I read everyone who reads me. Just trying to return the love. Good to hear from you! I think I know your mom!


      1. AH. Maybe not. Could be a different Esther! A friend of mine on twitter has a daughter named Esther. She asked if I offer design services, etc. had mentioned her daughter may need help with a project. Now i’m rambling. 🤣 I am really looking forward to your site launch. If you will let me know in advance I will publish a write up and let all my followers know about your new site. Xoxo


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