There was an explosion and the earth parted. You stood on one side, I was on the other.

The distance between us was so great, for a while, we gave up and retreated to our respective sides of the world.

Occasionally we would argue about who caused the explosion… why I was to blame, why you were. The truth was somewhere down the middle.

For so long we held steady but when that fault line tripped, it changed everything.

We tried so hard to put things back together… but the aftershocks still came.

And I have struggled with the way our plates have settled. I never thought it would end that way.

I tremble as the magma melts the walls around my heart.

It is broken but I think it needed to be. Maybe one day I will see that breaking my heart was the most beautiful thing you could do for me.

Karmic relationships are just like natural disasters. We don’t know for sure when they are coming but when they have gone, we understand their nature.

I still wanted you but I knew I had to let go. To date, it’s the worst pain I have ever known.

I let it burn because it must. Something new is meant to break through the surface and eventually it will.

I have learned some hard lessons in the last 9 years. Two stand out now.

1. Nobody is all good or all bad. We are all a brilliant mixture of awful and amazing.

2. Don’t attach to an outcome. Always allow for an alternate ending.


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