I hope to never again live in a storm
Like they reigned in 17
They Soaked me deeply to the bone
And they dryed me thoroughly.
Flash to Past, Dust to Us..
The world around me starts to slow.
But its affects persist to show.
The mercy’s dried out of my bones,
And im past Taking anymore,
I have no more tears to cry,
So i wipe bloodropplets from my eye.
As i lookup and I sigh,
at torrents of truth, that have been falling Since our darkening of sky.

Since our darkening of sky,
Since our Darkening of sky.

Torrents of truth that have been falling since our darkening of sky.

The storms last and take their toll
The mercy’s dried out of my bones
Cracks in our path begin to show
One spark would end it all, One word

Life felt like it was drowning me,
But only fueled to change or die.
I knew it would destroy me
If i didn’t even try.

Somethings gotta give
To break, or inspire
This is no way to live
And i’ll soak it up up up,
Yeah, i’ll build it up
Tomorrow I spit fire.

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