Press the play button. It’s in the center of her eye. (Below)

Guess what guys… I learned how to animate still shots this weekend and now it’s like, all I wanna do.

I have a really good draft ready to go about the word energy and the stand off between science and sensitives about who is using the word right… but I have this perfectionist issue that keeps me hung up on things so often… like I’m never finished with something… there’s always a better way to say it…. an extra layer to add when I edit it…. but I am starting to think that since life is a masterpiece in motion… the art that comes out of me from moment to moment can be a little incomplete.. a little imperfect… since it’s not about each individual piece… or moment. On their own they will always be incomplete.

Speaking of synergy…

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle

4 thoughts on “Eyes

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  1. That’s wonderful,
    for a long time, i felt your energy crying out for something more to get your self passionate about. Like there was a little rebirth happening in your soul. Im glad you have something to feed your growing seed with.

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  2. Looks intricate
    I’m itching to get the secret scoop of those back stage process details you used to create this. Animation Software?, specific picsart tools? From one sis in the trade to another.

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