Walking on Water

I’ve been doing this thing as soon as I wake up in the morning. I’ll watch my thoughts as they come and go. I don’t act on them, I don’t judge them. I just watch the show.

Occasionally, there is a space between the thoughts. An interruption in the stream. And sometimes I have visions while I’m in that gap.

The other morning I could see myself standing on a rock in the center of a river with a really fast current. There was just the one rock in the center and I would need at least 4 or 5 to get across. So I stood there for a while and then I started to take a step forward and as I let one foot move forward, the next rock just manifested out of thin air.

If I just stood still and wished it would appear, it didn’t. If I lifted my foot and pretended I was going to step but really had no intention of stepping until I saw another rock, it wouldn’t appear. I had to step as if I were fully prepared to go into the water and be swept away if the next rock were not there to support me. It was what I would imagine reckless abandon must feel like.

Maybe I’ve felt it before. It’s hard to say. I’ve lost the plot.

I’ve got one hell of a mess to climb my way out of. I start thinking of all the things I need to do and then I do nothing. I can’t figure out step 5 and step 7 seems completely impossible. And because I am so caught up in the “hows and what ifs” of future steps, I can’t even take the first step.

But I think it’s pretty clear from the vision that played out in that space between my thoughts how this business works.

What matters now is Step 1. Take the first step. You can take step 2 when you are ready. You don’t have to know how, you don’t have to know what or when. You will know when you are ready to put your foot forward and you will do it with faith and conviction.

With each step you become more confident. You begin to make bolder moves. We aren’t meant to know it all right now. The journey is an unfolding and the Universe is totally willing to support us as long as we are willing to step forward.

The boldest moves pay the highest dividends.


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