I Love You Until

“True invitations... which are invitations that you can always reject by kindly saying: “No, thank you.”, and there’s no punishment or retaliation of any kind for not having accepted. If there’s punishment, then it wasn’t a true invitation, it was hiding a request or a demand that brings distortion to the spirit of the potential... Continue Reading →


Her vision is peripheral She has holographic site The truth is hiding in the dark But She's holding a light She flows with the fireflies And illuminates the night

Skeleton Keys

Skeleton keys, lucid dreams, visions of you moving in and out of scenes. Perpetual wonder, “What the fuck does it mean?”. An REM cocktail mixed with an apocalyptic theme.

Scars on Monday Morning

I have a scar right beneath my nose from when a Datsun lunged across the room with incredible speed and ripped my upper lip off. A plastic surgeon put 27 stitches in that top lip.

I hated on that breed for years… on that dog for biting me. But now… I reckon he knew exactly what he was doing… and if I were a dog… knowing who I was back then, I can hardly blame him.

Scars. From someone who puts it much more eloquently than I just did:

refugee writers collective

The hum of the window A/C unit behind me almost carries me into a stupor.

I pick my head up, stretching it backwards hoping for a few crackles and pops, and blink a little harder than I normally would. I can feel my contact lenses crying out for some moisture, but they’re going to have to wait. It’s a Monday morning, and it doesn’t matter how well I slept Sunday night, it’s hard to wake myself up.

I yawn, and open my laptop, only to find the same blinking cursor that caused me to close it in the first place. What do I have to say? Anything? I lay my fingers across the keys, and look down. Fingers that have been in some beautiful, scandalous places. Fingers that are constantly reborn, with new layers of skin, and new fingernails every so often. The only things that stay the same are…

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Every morning at first light he greets her. Every night she is the last thing he sees below the glow of the moon. Together they weather every storm. Their branches do not touch but beneath the surface their roots have become entwined with time. No matter how much they grow in either direction, the depth... Continue Reading →


  There was an explosion and the earth parted. You stood on one side, I was on the other. The distance between us was so great, for a while, we gave up and retreated to our respective sides of the world. Occasionally we would argue about who caused the explosion... why I was to blame,... Continue Reading →

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