Hissy Fits: An Emotional Blitz

I live in Mississippi. The Southern part of the United States commonly referred to as “The South”. We have a saying round these parts… it goes: “Here in the South we don’t hide crazy. We parade it on the front porch and give it a sweet tea.” It’s true. We stand by that.

Woke As Hell

I spent all of my life, up until last weekend focused on others much, much more than I focused on myself. Rarely critical of others, highly critical of myself. I had no idea. I have been in a fog floating down a river of lies.


I cry because of my own pain and the pain of the world. I feel it all. I cry because I need to understand. I cry because I have been very confused about what love actually is....

Dx: Disturbed Cognitive Function

Now, I'm aware of how science feels about the paranormal so it is a waste of both of our time if anyone feels obliged to explain away my experiences. The idea that our inability to prove something is proof that it does not exist is insane. If they are real to me, they are real and science needs to either catch up or shut up because I am not the only one who experiences life in this way.

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